Top 8 largest Marlin ever Caught

Largest Marlin ever Caught

Marlin is a prized game fish, mostly because it offers a big challenge to the angler as it fights longer and harder than other species. I would defiantly agree, bigger Marlin has been landed commercially and by recreational anglers not all meet the IGFA rules. Pictured in the header are some of the largest Marlin ever caught, which is on record and officially recorded. This is a cumulation of certified world records for all 5 types of Marlin recorded. White Marlin, Pacific Blue Marlin, Striped Marlin, Atlantic Marlin, and Black Marlin. The size of these marlin represents the ultimate benchmarks for anglers chasing the world’s biggest fish. Special thanks to the IGFA for providing the photos.

1. Alfred Glassell Jr

Glassell Jr. of Houston boated this black marlin record after a 1 hour and 45-minute fight. The 174-inch fish fell for a mackerel trolled in the once-legendary Black Marlin Boulevard off Cabo Blanco. Weight: 1,560 pounds Angler: Alfred Glassell Jr. Location: Cabo Blanco, Peru Date: Aug. 4, 1953

2. Paulo Amorim

Amorim’s 162-inch fish ate a pink-and-white Mold Craft Super Chugger and is the most recent record-breaker on our list. Weight: 1,402 pounds, 2 ounces Angler: Paulo Amorim Location: Vitoria, Brazil Date: Feb. 29, 1992

3. Peter Ganz

Another, Atlantic Blue Marlin was caught by JPeter Ganz was estimated to be 1,400 lb. Believed to be caught off the waters of the islands of the Azores, a Portuguese archipelago – near the Faial Island. This fish was not hauled in but was tagged, revived, and released back to the waters. For sure, this fish is among the largest Marlin ever caught.

4. Jay de Beaubien

This world-record Blue Marlin off Hawaii took a Kita lure and succumbed in less than one hour. Jay de Beaubien caught this 193-inch fish using a Fin-Nor 12/0. Weight: 1,376 pounds Angler: Jay de Beaubien Location: Kaaiwai Point, Kona Date: May 31, 1982

5. Jacky Delbrel

Jacky Delbrel caught a 1,189 lb Atlantic blue marlin, again in the part of the Atlantic Ocean in the Azores, near the island of Faial. This catch holds the IGFA 80-pound world record for Atlantic Blue Marlin.

6. Jean-Paul Richard

I saw a 1,157-lb Atlantic marlin was caught by Jean-Paul Richard in Madeira. Caught along with this thousand-pounder was a slightly smaller thousand-pounder weighing 1,028 lbs. Clearly two of the largest Marlin ever caught in those waters.

7. Jack Harrington

Even though on June 26, 1974, the first thousand-pounder marlin was caught off the Oregon Inlet by Jack Harrington. Among the largest caught to date, this is worth mentioning especially since not too many thousand pounders have been caught. This marlin weighed 1,142 lb.

8. Tracy Melton

Tracy Melton caught an Atlantic Marlin weighing 1,083 lbs in Madeira. However, it was caught with an 80-pound tackle.

Firstly, never put yourself in unnecessary risk, while there are plenty of Marlins caught that are not listed here. The risk versus reward is not worth the record so we know there is heavier Marlin than these that have been caught. There are also talks of the fish weighing as much as 2,000 lbs which were almost caught.

Best New Smyrna Beach Fishing Spots

New Smyrna Beach Fishing: Anglers Travel Guide

New Smyrna Beach is located on Florida’s Central Atlantic Coast. It’s a charming beach town with a vibrant local culture, great art scene, and some of the best fishing the East Coast has to offer.

Nestled right between the Atlantic Ocean to the East and the Indian River Lagoon to the West, New Smyrna Beach fishing spots offer some unique and exciting fishing opportunities. The area is most popularly known for its redfish, various other species drawing people here all throughout the year.

In this anglers travel guide, we’re focusing not only on what you catch in New Smyrna Beach but how to catch them and where!

What Can You Catch in New Smyrna Beach?

The fish population here is diverse, and it all depends on where you look. You can travel a few miles from your current location and find fish that you would never imagine seeing a couple of miles closer to shore.

Best of all, New Smyrna Beach offers great inshore as well as offshore fishing on top of that. Let’s take a look at the most popular species of this area.


New Smyrna Beach Redfish

They don’t call it the “Redfish Capital of the World” for nothing. While it is a self-proclaimed accolade, we understand why they call it that. The Indian River Lagoon area is the perfect habitat for these fish, and there’s a strong population of them.

They’re fighters, and you better be prepared to bring your best if you end up hooking a bull redfish. These weigh between 20-50 pounds or more, and it’s not some rare fish tale that your buddies tell you – people are catching these, daily.

Best of all, you’re not limited to what types of lures and baits to use. They’re not finicky and will bite almost anything. All the local anglers recommend using live bait or jigs and spinning tackle.

Spotted Seatrout

New Smyrna Beach Spotted Seatrout

We’re not talking about the five-pound speckled trout you catch from New Jersey; we’re talking about “gator” seatrout, which are a whole different species scattered throughout Florida and the Gulf. These monsters don’t migrate so you can find them all year long.

They’re the opposite of redfish, though, because they’re pickier about what they eat, and they’re easily spooked, so you need to play the game a little smarter. Using a small outboard motor or even a kayak wouldn’t be a bad choice.


Sharks are a hot topic in New Smyrna Beach and for a good reason. These waters host one of the country’s largest shark populations, and you don’t have to go too far out from the shore to find them.

While this might intimidate many people, shark fishing is actually fun for the whole family, and the chances of endangering yourself are small.

If you’re concerned about tackling the shark population in some of the best New Smyrna Beach fishing spots, consider hopping aboard an inshore fishing charter and have professional anglers help show you the ropes.


The tarpon are all over Florida, and you can catch them all throughout the year, so don’t worry about planning your trip around a specific time. During the winter months, the only difference is you’ll find juvenile tarpon that weighs between 10-40 pounds. In the summer, these monsters can weigh as much as 100 pounds.

Fishing for tarpon in New Smyrna Beach requires patience and finesse. Sight casting is the strategy, and you’ll want to have some heavy spinning tackle and live bait if you expect to catch these guys.

Largemouth Bass

New Smyrna Beach Bass Fishing

One of the best things about fishing in New Smyrna Beach is the variety of fishing opportunities. Where else in the country can you travel a few miles from catching snapper and sharks and find largemouth bass?

The St. Johns River brings in a great largemouth bass population, so if this is your game, you’ll want to have the right rod and reel for bass. We’d recommend having freshwater tackle and saltwater tackle.

The truth is, nothing can compare to a freshwater fishing charter when you’re taking on new waters. Local experts will help you get the most from your experience while showing you tips and tricks. Which helps you catch more largemouth bass in New Smyrna Beach.

Mahi Mahi

This wouldn’t be a guide to New Smyrna Beach without talking about the incredible deep-sea fishing opportunities. Mahi Mahi are plentiful a mere 20 miles from the shore. With underwater shipwrecks and reefs, there are more than enough unique fish to draw you here.

In addition to Mahi Mahi, you can also find Snapper, Grouper, and even Sailfish during the spring months.

New Smyrna Beach Fishing Spots

You know what to catch; now you need to know where to go. With our help, you’ll be pulling some in before you know it.

Tiger Shoals – This spot is located right in the middle of Mosquito Lagoon, and sight angling is the strategy here. Cast from a kayak to keep your footprint low, and you can find huge redfish and spotted trout.

Spruce Creek – The freshwater game is real here, and you can expect to catch largemouth bass and flounder throughout the creek. If you’re serious about catching bass, consider buying a fish finder to help you navigate these waters.

Buena Vista Park – Travel East of the North Causeway Bridge, and you’ll find the New Smyrna Beach Fishing Pier. There are two huge piers here that stick out 250 feet over the Indian River. There are few species you can’t find here. Expect to hook redfish, trout, and pompano.

Smyrna Dunes Park – If surf fishing is something you’re into, this 184-acre park offers fishing on the Intracoastal Waterway and the New Smyrna Beach Jetty.

Ways to Fish New Smyrna Beach

You’ve learned all about the best New Smyrna Beach fishing spots; next, let’s talk about the many methods you have for fishing around here.

Chartering a Boat

Chartering a boat is the best way to get the full experience. If you’re considering a deep-sea fishing charter, you’ll be able to explore an assortment of the best fishing spots, and you’ll have experienced and knowledgeable guides to help and teach you along the way.

When you charter a boat, the captain provides everything, including licenses, rods, reels, and all the gear. If you’re coming to New Smyrna Beach and you want to have unforgettable fishing experience, you need to charter a boat.

Party Boat

If you’re trying to save a few bucks, you could jump on a party board. You’ll still get to experience all the great New Smyrna Beach fishing spots, but you won’t get that one-on-one attention from the captain since they will have to entertain an entire boat of guests.

The upside here is that you don’t have to worry about licenses or gear because they provide everything for you as well. Party boats are a more laid-back experience for those who aren’t too serious about fishing.

Surf Angling

One of the coolest things about New Smyrna Beach is that you can drive right onto the sand almost anywhere on the coast. This makes for a popular surf fishing scene. Be sure to follow local regulations and ensure that you’re allowed to fish from the shore where you are.

We recommend sizing up your gear to a 7+ foot rod with a heavy sinker. Expect to find redfish, sharks, and pompano.

Pier Fishing

The New Smyrna fishing piers offer great angling. Because they extend hundreds of feet into the water, and they’re usually located in amazing parks for the whole family. We suggest fishing here at dawn or dusk because that’s when the most baitfish are hanging around closer to shore.

Kayak Fishing

Take a trip through Mosquito Lagoon with your kayak searching for redfish and trout. Sight fishing the shallows is most popular in the freshwater sections of New Smyrna Beach. It requires you to be quiet and stealthy.

Do You Need a Fishing License in New Smyrna Beach?

The only way you don’t need a fishing license is if you’re fishing with a licensed and insured New Smyrna Fishing Charter. Otherwise, you’ll need to purchase your own fishing license, and you’re responsible for all the gear.

If you’re fishing the St. Johns River, you’ll need to purchase a license, whether you have a fishing charter or not. Make sure you understand Florida’s licensing requirements, so you keep yourself out of trouble.

New Smyrna Beach Fishing: A Taste of the East Coast

We think we can all agree on the fact that New Smyrna Beach offers some incredible fishing. It’s the perfect marriage between saltwater and freshwater fishing mashed up together in one place for you to enjoy.

The East Coast offers some exceptional fishing. But few places can rival the New Smyrna Beach fishing spots outlined in this guide. If you’re looking for a fishing trip that allows you to escape from it all for a while. We think we’ve found the place for you.

New Smyrna Beach Fishing Charter While Offshore and Inshore Fishing

New Smyrna Beach Fishing Charter

New Smyrna Beach is the ultimate travel destination when looking to getaway. It’s pristine nature and beautiful beaches make it a perfect spot to spend some time in the outdoors. You will never go bored here in New Smyrna Beach as there is something to do for everyone. Experience this world-class destination along with its incredible outdoor fishing adventures. Enjoy a New Smyrna Beach fishing charter next time visiting Florida.

New Smyrna Beach is part of the chain of barrier islands located on the east coast of Florida. It has a dense history of exploration and discovery. If you are looking for your next place to explore, this is most certainly one you can get lost in. The holidays are coming up and this is the perfect destination to adventure to. Whether you enjoy luxury resorts, golf courses, or numerous sandy beaches, you can have it all. Don’t miss out on a fishing charter, inshore, freshwater, or deep-sea while you are here.

Family activities are essential when visiting Florida. New Smyrna Beach offers exceptional family water activities that can truly enhance your experience here. Saltwater fishing is a great way to get your family in the outdoors as well as bond with them like you haven’t before. Take a break from the beautiful resorts, sandy beaches, and hitting the golf balls and hop on board with our local experts.

Our local experts have explored and uncovered all the waters possible in New Smyrna Beach. When you adventure out New Smyrna Deep Sea Fishing, you can count that you are going to have the best experience possible. Our captains have been fishing the area for over 35 years and have caught every saltwater species in the area. Captain Scott Thompson is a local fishing expert that will put you on fish and enrich you with years of knowledge of New Smyrna Beach.

Captain Scott had the pleasure of fishing with a wonderful family this month. Amauri, his brother Marcos, his son Marcos and his son Marco along with two young ladies came out to explore what offshore fishing had to offer. They were traveling from Brazil to spend some time at this beautiful destination. While here, they had to get out in the deep blue sea.

New Smyrna Deep Sea FishingThey adventured out on a two-day fishing charter out of New Smyrna Beach. The weather conditions were great on both days. Sea conditions were not as great on the first day creating an opportunity to fish closer to shore. While fishing there, they caught several species of fish. The main catch was migrating and spawning Redfish. Most of the catches of redfish weighed in at 20-50 pounds.

Sea conditions laid down and allowed them to go offshore the second day. Bottom fishing was what they wanted to do while offshore fishing. Captain Scott took them 25 miles offshore to one of his productive bottom fishing spots. After several drops, they started hooking into big red snapper. Cut bait was the magic on this fishing trip.

This awesome group got to experience many different catches. They had a grouper on as well but you have to know how to fish for them. When grouper get hooked into, they want to run and dig into the rocks. Once this happens, you are most likely going to lose the fish.

Some additional species caught were sea bass. Sea bass can be caught on the bottom as well. Interestingly enough, the reef they were fishing also was holding barracuda. This group really enjoyed landing a 5-foot barracuda.

Captain Scott really enjoyed fishing with these clients. It is always nice to be able to share something you love with travelers and visitors. Captain Scott holds New Smyrna Beach close to his heart and would love to show you what is so magical about this destination. He looks forward to seeing you on the water next time.

New Smyrna Beach is the perfect location to spend time in the outdoors. Whether it is inshore or offshore fishing, you can have a great time with your family or friends. Take a break from the beautiful beaches and resorts and hop on board for what could be the adventure of your lifetime! Let’s get you hooked up and we are looking forward to getting you out on the water.

Your Adventure Starts Today while Visiting Florida.

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Best Holiday Florida Fishing Charters Near Me

Holiday Florida Fishing Charters

The Holiday breaks are right around the corner and planning your Florida vacation is in full effect. When you are coming to Florida to visit relatives and enjoy holiday dinners, don’t forget to get some fresh air. There is no better way to do that than embarking on a Florida fishing adventure. Several destinations and styles of fishing are prominent this time of year. Here is a breakdown of all the best Holiday Florida fishing charters during your breaks.

Florida Inshore Fishing can provide you with a truly unique experience in November and December. Many species can be caught depending on where you are traveling to. Whether you want a Trophy Redfish or a Giant Snook, Florida is the destination for you. When you adventure out inshore fishing you never have to worry about getting seasick as you are fishing calm waters, so you can hop on board after thanksgiving without any problems.

Daytona Beach through New Smyrna Beach poses the hottest location in the state for inshore fishing this month. If you are looking to catch the biggest redfish of your life, this is the spot to do it. Our local experts have knowledge and experience to get you on fish all trip long. Each trip you can almost be guaranteed to catch one trophy-sized redfish. While you are waiting for the big bite, you can also catch sea trout, sheepshead, black drum, and many more species. You will never get tired of fishing here in North Florida.

Don’t miss out on the tail end of the mullet run either. Florida Snook, Jack Crevalle, and Tarpon are feeding strong on the mullet. As the mullet move down the coast and into the backwaters, it gives you a perfect opportunity to catch big inshore species. Get out with a local expert that knows your destination. Night fishing in New Smyrna is incredibly fun, especially for first-timers. Every location will provide you with a unique experience worth trying.

New Smyrna Bass Fishing is a highlight during the Holiday season. If you are looking to land that trophy largemouth bass, Central Florida is the place to visit. Several lakes including Lake Tohopekaliga, Lake Monroe, the Butler Chain of Lakes, and even the Northside of the Legendary Lake Okeechobee have been producing excellent fishing. All of these lakes especially Lake Okeechobee are in excellent condition. The grass is growing nicely providing great structure for largemouth to grow big. While visiting Central Florida for the Holidays, give bass fishing a try and watch how much it bonds the family together.

Last but not least, Florida deep sea fishing season is upon us as colder water rolls through. Florida is the best destination for getting offshore and going deep-sea fishing. If you can battle the seas, which we would recommend doing before Holiday dinner, adventure out from Cape Canaveral to Daytona for quick access to some incredible offshore species. Right now, large schools of blackfin Tuna are everywhere. You can also catch mahi-mahi just offshore within 20 miles. New Smyrna possesses some of the best bottom fishing for snapper and grouper. You never know what you will reel up which makes fishing extremely exciting and abundant.

While you are covering these waters you may also get to experience the star of the show this month, the sailfish. Sailfish are here and they are here to stay for the next couple of months. Cooler water temperatures draw them close as they chase bait and the holiday season is a prime time to go fishing for them. Go out there and fly a kite in search of one of the most acrobatic species you will ever get to experience. Hold on for the fight of your life with a local expert near your desired destination.

We look forward to getting the opportunity to explore Florida with you. Our local experts can help you search down any Florida fishing species. Let’s get you and your family hooked up on a fishing adventure of a lifetime. You won’t regret exploring the unknown as you spend some quality time away from everything on one of the endless fisheries here in Florida. Enjoy your vacation here in Florida and soak up some sunshine one fish at a time!

Your Adventure Starts Today while Visiting Florida.

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New Smyrna Pelagic Fishing Charters

New Smyrna Pelagic Fishing Charters

New Smyrna is a premier destination for outdoor activities. Whether you are visiting the heart of downtown or Daytona Beach, you can access endless fun. If you are tired of sitting on the beach or shopping around town, hop onboard our fishing vessels and head offshore. Offshore fishing or Deep Sea Fishing is a great way to soak up some sun and experience the fight of your lifetime. Our New Smyrna Pelagic Fishing Charter can show you the amazing fishing experience you can have.

Offshore fishing can be accessed quite quickly when fishing out of New Smyrna. Central Florida is a prime location for deep-sea fishing because of its access to the Gulf Stream. The Gulf Stream is a large stream of water that moves water, bait, and fish from one destination to the other. You can catch some of the biggest fish you can find right along this incredible water highway. It is not too often that you get the chance to go deep sea so when you do, you want to be with a local expert.

Our fishing charters are run by highly professional and knowledgeable experts that will put you on fish the whole trip. Sit back and enjoy the ride while your captain takes you to promising fishing grounds. As a result, you will have the time of your life with friends and family. Captain John is an excellent fishing captain that will work endlessly to get you on your dream fish.

When you are adventuring deep sea in New Smyrna, you will be leaving out of the New Smyrna basin. If you get the opportunity to fish, you will be fishing on a boat catching, not cruising. This boat comes equipped with everything you need for deep sea fishing along. You also get comfort and speed.

New Smyrna Deep Sea Fishing is absolutely incredible this time of year. Our Captain has the pleasure of fishing with Pablo Sierra and a group of his friends. The boat was loaded and these gentlemen were looking to get into some quality pelagic species. Luckily, they were in store for an excellent day on the water. If you are looking for a wide variety of species, you have to come to visit Central Florida and more specifically New Smyrna.

Beautiful weather and perfect fishing conditions led to a strong bite right off the bat. Pablo and his friends reeled in numbers of fish of each species. Adventuring offshore is like adventuring into the unknown. You never know what is going to bite the line. Pablo and his crew got the chance to experience some of the best species to catch. They started out with the bonito then they caught a barracuda. These fish were just getting their arms warm for what was to come. After these species were caught, schools of blackfin tuna came up and they started putting them in the boat as well. It was not long after this that the Mahi-Mahi showed up. They did not catch a bull but put several quality fish in the boat. After trolling live bait and ballyhoo, they slowed down their fishing tactics and landed some bottom fish including snapper.

Finally, we get to the catch of the day with New Smyrna Pelagic Fishing Charter. Pablo and his friends landed a beautiful sailfish while fishing with live bait. The bait of choice was a google-eye. They also love to eat pilchards and blue runners. Whatever live bait you can get your hands on will provide you the best chance to catch that trophy fish. As a result, you have much great success putting a wide variety of species in the boat. Sailfish put up an excellent fight truly worth experiencing.

Certainly, this amazing group of men had a fantastic time cruising offshore. The ability to relax, sit back, and enjoy a couple of cold ones while reeling in fish is what life is all about. Bring your family and friends on a fishing adventure of a lifetime. You never know what you will catch and every fishing trip is a new adventure.

Furthermore, one of the many benefits of fishing out of New Smyrna Marina is that you can come back and enjoy downtown New Smyrna after your trip. Give your captain some time after the trip to clean your fish and you can take it to the local restaurant to have them cook it up. There is no better way to end a day of fishing then relaxing with your friends, enjoying the New Smyrna views, beaches, and eating your fresh catch!

Captain Barker is looking forward to the next opportunity to take out Pablo and his crew. They were awesome to fish with and they absolutely had a blast.

New Smyrna Pelagic Fishing Charter is one of the best locations to come visit. Don’t miss out on the endless fishing adventures that are available to you. Bring your family along on an adventure that can change your life. Relax and enjoy while your professional captain takes you to the prime fishing grounds for your desired catch. We look forward to seeing you on the water next time!

Your Adventure Starts Today while Visiting New Smyrna.

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Best Orlando Outdoor Activities To Do Outside Disney Theme Parks

Best Orlando Outdoor Activities

Are you planning on bringing your family to Orlando to visit the theme parks? Have you been here before and don’t know what to do on your additional days here? Orlando is filled with endless hidden treats that you can embark on outside the theme parks. The best Orlando outdoor activities are just within a car ride away.

When you are visiting Central Florida and specifically Orlando, there is one outdoor activity that trumps them all: Fishing. Florida fishing here in Orlando is absolutely exceptional all year round. Whether you want freshwater bass fishing or saltwater fishing, you have access to it. Florida bass fishing is easily accessed as Orlando is surrounded by hundreds of freshwater lakes.

Capt Brad specializes in fishing here. He and his local experts have years of experience that provide them the knowledge to put you on the biggest fish of your life. Orlando has two dominant lakes that produce fantastic trips all year: the Butler Chain of Lakes and Lake Tohopekaliga. Both of these beautiful lakes are within minutes of the theme parks in Orlando. If you are looking for a quick getaway and want to get the rod bent, this is one of the best opportunities.

But if saltwater fishing is a better alternative or more appealing to you, the east coast holds the most exceptional fishing the state has to offer. Just a short drive away you can be on some excellent species whether in New Smyrna Beach or Daytona Beach along with Cape Canaveral. Most noteworthy, the inshore fishing for trophy bull redfish is by far the best experience. You don’t have to worry about seasickness on this fishing trip. While you cruise the backwaters, you will be able to experience endless wildlife and hard-pulling inshore species.

Unique Times ahead

Don’t count out though battling the seas for big pelagic species including sailfish, mahi-mahi, wahoo, kingfish as well as bottom fish like grouper and snapper. Furthermore, offshore or deep sea fishing is a great opportunity to get the whole family on the water, especially larger parties for some outdoor fun.

If you want to stay closer to Orlando, you can also experience several other awesome outdoor water activities. Staying cool and refreshed is not a problem in Central Florida especially if you visit the Orlando Watersports Complex. While you won’t be setting the hook into your dream fish, you can learn how to wakeboard, wake surf, kneeboard, or waterski with professional, kind, and attentive staff. This is a great addition to your Florida outdoor vacation

The outdoors truly can enhance your Florida vacation. One of the other amazing experiences you can encounter is Gator Land. Learn all about our wildlife at this incredible place. You will not only educate yourself on Florida’s wildlife but you can zip-line through the park along with watch reptile shows that can amuse your family. Add this to your freshwater fishing trip and you will truly get to explore all Orlando has to offer.

Above all, when you visit Florida, don’t miss out on getting outdoors. Enjoy the beautiful weather, get some sun in your face, and experience everything Florida has to offer. Each time of year will give you a breathtaking view and most certainly a different fishing experience. Fishing along with the additional outdoor activities mentioned can help you create memories worth a lifetime. Orlando, Florida is the ultimate family destination that can satisfy all your needs in one location. We look forward to sharing the experience with you!

Your Adventure Starts Today while Visiting Orlando.

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Ponce Inlet Snapper Fishing Charter in New Smyrna Beach Florida

Ponce Inlet Snapper Fishing

August was an amazing month for offshore fishing in New Smyrna Beach. Taking a quick cruise to the Atlantic Gulf Stream or the local reefs and wrecks produced a steady bite for its visitors. August was also the month that Red Snapper Season opened up for several weekends. Ponce Inlet Red Snapper Fishing was one of the best experiences here in North Florida along the east coast.

Just south of Daytona Beach, you will find the entrance to the great Atlantic Ocean. While cruising through the intercoastal waterways to get there, enjoy the sights and wonders of North Florida. As you travel out of Ponce Inlet make sure you capture Florida’s tallest lighthouse as the sun breaks the horizon.

Our local experts have years of experience cruising these waters and getting out to the local reefs for an abundance of species. Some of our experts have learned a variety of techniques including inshore fishing and offshore fishing. When the weather gets rough, you can always come in and catch some great species on lighter tackle. Ponce Inlet deep sea Fishing has been where it is at though when the weather permits.

Captain Brad Kayholm had the pleasure of fishing with Ariel and Tai. They were traveling from California and Japan to do business at a convention. It was a fun morning with the owners of Jackall Lures this summer. The fish were all fired up and ready to be caught. Ponce Inlet and New Smyrna Beach gives access to some of the best waters to catch Red Snapper and Mango Snapper. Sometimes when you go out you come across other species that can change the plans or direction of your fishing adventure on a Ponce Inlet snapper fishing trip.

Ariel and Tai wanted to catch mango and red snapper. They got the mango snapper all fired up on the local reef and started reeling them in. It was awesome to have a school of great fish below the boat. Sometimes when you fire up a school and you put out bait and get the water chummed up, you happen to acquire some unwanted guests. Tai was looking for a good fight and he sure got one.

As they were reeling in a mango snapper left and right, they wanted to go for something bigger. Chunking out bigger bait and letting it get to the bottom, it was not long until something picked it up. Tai was in for a long 20 minute fight that he actually had to have Aerial assist him with. The tax men were in town and they brought one to the boat. They caught a 7 foot, roughly 200 pound reef shark. It was an awesome fight. You just never know what you will catch on a New Smyrna Beach Fishing Charter. When you bottom fish like such, you will always encounter sharks whether you are catching them or they steal your struggling fish you just hooked.

After getting taxed as they call it, the bite slowed down. After some time, the red snapper moved in. Ariel and Tai had a lot of fun catching several of them before the bite shut off. It was not long after the bite shut down that we decided to move inshore in order to catch a Red Fish. Unfortunately this trip was on the weekend and the red fish were lock jawed.

Captain Brad had an awesome time with Ariel and Tai. They are looking forward to getting back on the water next time they visit Florida. You truly can’t beat what this beautiful area of Florida can offer you. Don’t miss out on your adventure in search for your inshore or offshore species of your dreams. New Smyrna Beach can most certainly accomplish your goals and dreams right here in Florida. We can’t wait to see you on the water next time!

Your Adventure Starts Today while Visiting Florida.

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New Smyrna Snapper Fishing Charter while Traveling Offshore

New Smyrna Snapper Fishing Charter

Have you ever asked yourself, “Can I Catch Snapper in New Smyrna, Florida?” The answer to that is most certainly you can. Naples is one of the best destinations to catch a variety of different snapper that are absolutely delicious to eat. While adventuring out on a New Smyrna Snapper Fishing Charter, let the Ponce Inlet take you away into excellent fishing territory!

One of the benefits of fishing in New Smyrna is that you can truly get to experience an inshore or offshore fishing trip. Many destinations across the state have areas you can offshore fish within 1-5 miles. When you are on a New Smyrna deep sea fishing charter, you have to travel sometimes up to 26 miles to get to the best fishing grounds.

Captain Mark adventured out on a perfect day for some fishing. Conditions were nice with 5-10 mph winds that kept the day cool and exciting. Eric, Doug, Katie and Dan were even more excited to get to travel offshore on our fishing charter. They were in store for an awesome day!

When Captain Mark arrived at the fishing grounds, the group immediately started catching them. Bottom Fishing is the tactic and method of choice when fishing in New Smyrna. They were catching Lane Snapper, Mangrove Snappers, and short Groupers. Eric, Doug, Katie and Dan kept roughly half of the fish along with one keeper grouper.

Captain Mark had one heavy rod out for a larger grouper and the line went off while waiting. It was something big but we could not make out what it was. After a 30 minute battle, the fish surface and it was a 7 foot hammerhead shark. You never know what you will catch when adventuring out fishing here in New Smyrna on a New Smyrna Snapper Fishing Charter.

After bottom fishing, the group wanted to try some trolling. When trolling here offshore in New Smyrna, you are in search for Mahi Mahi and big fish like King Mackerel or Kingfish. They were not able to connect with a Kingfish but found caught a Spanish mackerel.

Captain Mark is looking forward to fishing with Eric, Doug, Katie and Dan again in the future. If you are looking for a great way to bond with your family, a New Smyrna Fishing Charter is the way to go. While visiting the Paradise Coast, adventure out into the depths and see what you can hook yourself into. You never know what will happen and where the ride will take you. Enjoy the gorgeous Florida sun in a variety of different ways when traveling to Florida! We will see you on the water next time.

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Three Day Florida Fishing Mania

Three Day Florida Fishing Mania

When traveling to Florida you must experience the endless opportunities to get in the outdoors. You can spend a Three Day Florida Fishing Mania with family or friends. New Smyrna Florida offers some of the best fishing you can set your hook into. I never could have imagined the amount of memories that could be created with Captain Wayne.

Captain Wayne had the pleasure of fishing with Laura and her dad Jim. They were traveling from Chicago on vacation with no expectation to what was to come. Laura was surprising her dad on a Florida Fishing adventure of a lifetime over the course of three days.

New Smyrna Bass Fishing

The first day out was spent Lake Ashby Bass Fishing. Lake Ashby is looking beautiful this time of year. Fall is the perfect time to soak in the scenery and explore new parts of the lake. You could be highly surprised at what you can experience on a lake this size.

Laura and Jim enjoyed the partly cloudy weather conditions with temperatures in the mid 90s. While waiting on the bite, they sat back and relaxed with a nice breeze in the air.  Great weather promotes a great bite this time of year as they put over 20 largemouth bass in the boat. They caught some quality ones too with the biggest weighing 5 pounds 4 ounces.

They both shared the passion for fishing but never got a chance to key in on artificial baits. Wild caught shiners were the most effective technique to catch largemouth bass on Lake Ashby. It is also very exciting since you never know when you are going to land that fish you have been dreaming of.

New Smyrna Deep Sea Fishing

Captain Wayne adventured out to something different on their second day. New Smyrna Deep Sea Fishing for Mahi Mahi or Dolphin was something that was always fascinating to Laura and Jim. There is nothing like cruising off the shores of the beach and into an unpredictable day out in the ocean.

We had a window of great weather for most of the day with storms expected for the afternoon. The seas were at 2 to 4 foot most of the day which wasn’t a problem for catching fish.

Laura and Jim really wanted to catch this delicious fish that they haven’t gotten the chance to do before. We made it happen with a slow start catching non-keepers. Being patient is the game while you are Florida Fishing and we finally connected with the keeper we were waiting for.

It was not long after that one keeper that they got to experience something they would never forget. Two more hits and fish started a Mania that was highly unexpected. We came across a school of Mahi that rewarded us with 40 Mahi in the boat. It is always good to preserve the fishery so we only kept 14 of them and released the rest.

After an experience like that their arms were very tired and their faces were sore from the amount of laughs and smiles. They had dinner for multiple nights and they called it a day.

New Smyrna Inshore Fishing

On their final day with Captain Brad was something they wanted to check off their bucket list for a long time. Bull Redfish has always been the species that they have wanted to catch. New Smyrna is the perfect location to catch a variety of the species, especially your first Redfish or Black Drum.

It was looking like a great day again with beautiful weather for another amazing fishing trip. The mostly sunny conditions promoted excellent fishing. A mix of 25 Redfish and Black Drum were caught along with a few Snook. They were excited to catch the quality Redfish they did.

One of the many things people love about Redfish fishing is the fight they put up. You could never imagine the strength they have when they are on the end of your line. Laura and Jim thoroughly enjoyed catching their first Bull Redfish.

It was truly an honor and my pleasure to provide Jim a gift from Laura that they will never forget. I am looking forward to the next time they return to catch more of these incredible species here in Florida.

If you are looking for a memorable fishing adventure that will provide you stories for a lifetime, do not look further than the great state of Florida. We can provide all that you need to enjoy a great day out on the water with the ones that are important to you.

I know next time I am visiting Florida and New Smyrna, I will be chasing all the species I can from salt to freshwater!

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